Notable features

  • All in one program.

  • Automatically synchronizes with online registration and online result platforms.

  • Works with most timing hardware on the market, including Black Box, IPICO, MyLaps, Trident, race|result etc.

  • Works both offline and online.

  • Designed to be easy and fast to use. Advanced features are hidden by default, to make it easy to learn and use for everyone.

  • Web interface with commentator system, late registration services and much more. Adjusts to all screen resolutions on PC, tablets, phones, big screen displays etc.

  • Integrates with various external devices such as digital race clocks.

  • Support for IP video cameras, which allows linking results with the corresponding timestamped video finish for verification and basic photo finish scenarios.

  • Multi-user system. The main software runs on a single computer, but allows an infinite number of other client computers to connect. All tasks can be carried out by all computers, including the video features.

  • Handles a large number of race types and configurations, from individual foot races with tens of thousands of participants to UCI road cycling races, team relays, mountainbike lap events and much more.

  • Frequent software updates with new features, without any additional charge.

Technical specifications

  • Requires Microsoft Windows.

  • Requires MySQL database server (free).

SoftwareScreenshot of software in action